Download Diablo Immortal Mobile for Android and iOS
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Diablo Immortal Download for Android and iOS

Diablo Mobile or specifically Diablo® Immortal™ has launched for Mobile Devices i.e. Android and iOS. You can ready your phones to play the Massively Multiplayer Online Action RPG (MMOARPG). Blizzard has partnered with NetEase to bring us the mobile version of Diablo World. Download Diablo Mobile to face the eternal conflict between angels and demons.

Diablo Immortal Mobile

In the world of Diablo, you can experience the world of Sanctuary in a persistent, always-online adventure anywhere, anytime. You can even join communities that you like to battle against ancient evils. Explore multiple dungeons and Get Legendary loot for yourself.

The story of Diablo Immortal is set between the events of Diablo® II: Lord of Destruction® and Diablo® III®.

Diablo Immortal Story

Blizzard boasts that the Mobile Controls are made of Peerless Precision and Action. Diablo Immortal is designed from the ground-up to give you an authentic Diablo experience on touch-screen devices. Command your hero with intuitive actions, gestures and touch controls. You can slay endless hordes of demons as effortlessly as you would with a controller or keyboard and mouse.

The game has directional controls which make it easy for the player to move the hero. Hold down your thumb on a skill from your Hotbar to aim it and releasing it will unleash the skill. You can quickly access health potions for increasing your health pool. With a single tap, you can equip looted items on your hero or champion. You can also find Diablo III Mobile here on our website.

How to Download Diablo Immortal on Mobile Devices

A step by step instruction on how you can download Diablo Immortal on your Mobile Devices like Android and iOS i.e. iPhone and iPad.

  • Go to Diablo Mobile. This is where you can download Diablo Immortal.
  • Click on Download Button. People with Android devices can click on “Download for Android”. This will download the diablo immortal APK file.
    People with iOS devices can click on “Download for iOS”. This will download the diablo immortal IPA file.

How to Install Diablo Immortal on Android Devices

Follow this step by step guide on downloading and installing Diablo Immortal for Android Devices.

  1. After downloading the Diablo Immortal APK from our website, open the apk file on your Android phone.
  2. Allow unknown resource to be installed on your phone because you didn’t get it from google play store.
  3. You will see Diablo Immortal on your Launcher, tap on it to start.
  4. Complete the verification process which will take few minutes. [Usually takes 2-5 minutes]
  5. Additional Data may be downloaded too. [Data Obb]
  6. Now you can play Diablo Immortal on your Android phone!

That’s about it. After you download Diablo Immortal, you can play it using your Blizzard or Facebook or Google Play account.

Diablo Immortal App Info

App Version1.0 BETA
APK Size33.5 MB
App Packagecom.diabloimmortal
Content RatingPG 13
Supported VersionsAndroid 6 and up

Mid to High-end Android phones and iOS devices like iPhone and iPad will be able to run the game smoothly. But, we can not say that for low-end devices whether the game will run at all or not. Diablo Immortal Android apk can be installed on any android phone. How will Diablo Immortal on iPhone, iPad work?

Diablo Immortal Heroic Classes

Let us talk about the Classes of Champions in Diablo Immortal. There are about 6 classes of champions.

Diablo Immortal Hero Classes
  • Barbarian
  • Monk
  • Wizard
  • Crusader
  • Demon Hunter
  • Necromancer

Which one of these above classes will you choose when you play Diablo Immortal? Let us know which heroic class is your favorite. Diablo Immortal iOS Beta will probably be full of bugs and will be needing fixes and improvements in each patch. I will try being a Demon Hunter when I start playing this game.

Diablo Immortal: Good or Bad?

I didn’t grow up playing Diablo and haven’t even played any 1 of its series. so, I don’t know whether this is good or bad. Since every PC or Console game is coming to Mobile, Blizzard also thought that it would be a good idea to bring Diablo to Mobile. Fans show their outrage by disliking on the Diablo Immortal Gameplay and Cinematic Trailer. The Gameplay Trailer has about 3 million views, 20K likes and 291K dislikes.Also, The Cinematic Trailer has 5 million views, 27K likes and 721K dislikes. The dislikes could increase in the future. Therefore, Blizzard is doing something wrong here.

Many of the fans want Diablo 4 than Diablo Immortal. The company seems so disconnected from their fan base. People want Diablo 4 more than anything. People feel that Micro-transactions in-game ruin the overall experience and feel of Diablo. I will probably give this game a try soon. More features and gameplay fixes are being added daily.

Diablo Immortal Mobile Screen

Diablo Immortal is free to download on both android and iOS devices. You can play Diablo Immortal on any screen sizes. Even, use controllers and joy-pads in the game if you feel like a touch screen is not your thing. In Diablo Immortal, players can travel on a thrilling journey. They can take part in dynamic events and slash demons approaching them. They need to search for the tainted fragments of the Worldstone.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. Is Diablo Immortal free to play?
Diablo Immortal is free to play for both Android and iOS.

2. Will there be a automatic save game feature?
Yes, Automatic Save Games are available.

3. What accounts do I use to sign-in?
Blizzard, Facebook or Google Account is used to sign-in the game.

4. Is this currently Beta Phase?
Yes, Beta phase is ongoing right now.

I feel that Diablo Immortal will be exciting to play for new users. It’s going to be one hell of a game. I’m going to be playing diablo immortal android game for my phone cause I own an android phone. I don’t know how diablo immortal for iOS will be.

Diablo Immortal features new enemies. Skarn, Herald of Terror intends to gather the fragments of the corrupted Worldstone and use them to resurrect Diablo. Several choice demons from Diablo II, like the sickening beasts known as Vile Mothers will be available in Diablo Immortal.

The version of the game is still in BETA phase. They’re testing few things out and will start rolling out on App Store and Google Play Store. Diablo Immortal Mobile Game is available to download for Android and iOS devices here.